Science Fiction vs. Fantasy – Is There A Difference?

Quite often science fiction and fantasy are lumped together as one category, whether it be at the bookstore or while browsing online streaming services for movies and television shows. We have two different words for these genres, but they seem to always be discussed together. Here, we will explore whether the distinction is warranted, andContinue reading “Science Fiction vs. Fantasy – Is There A Difference?”

The Expanse Season 5 – Slow Burn At Launch

The first three episodes for season 5 of The Expanse are now streaming on Amazon Prime. If you are new to The Expanse, it is a science fiction television series based on the book series written by James S.A. Corey. In the future, humans have colonized the solar system, and the main factions that haveContinue reading “The Expanse Season 5 – Slow Burn At Launch”

The Veil Between The Real World And Magic

Worlds of magic are always right at your fingertips, but you may go through an entire lifetime without noticing it. In the books, movies, and television shows we love, the worlds of magic are often so close to the “normal” world, and the doorways are always hidden in plain sight. In the Harry Potter series,Continue reading “The Veil Between The Real World And Magic”

HBO’s ‘Raised By Wolves’ Review

In September 2020, HBO released a new science fiction series entitled Raised By Wolves. The creator is Aaron Guzikowski, and the executive producer is Ridley Scott, most famously known for the Alien movies. Scott also directed the first two episodes. Over the past two days, I watched all ten episodes of the first season. HereContinue reading “HBO’s ‘Raised By Wolves’ Review”